Scarred Remnants Teaser

Right now I’m working on two books: Scarred Remnants, which is Kamden’s spinoff from my Scars Series, and Empowered, the final book in my Elemental Prophecy Series. Every 10k words, I like to post a teaser to give my followers a taste of the story, so here’s the latest Scarred Remnant teaser:

I awoke to the alarm on my phone blaring at me. I opened my eyes, then immediately shut them from the sun shining through the window.

“Ugh,” I grumbled as my head began pounding. I squeezed the bridge of my nose with my fingers, hoping to relieve some of the pressure building in my skull.

Knowing it was useless, I grabbed my used glass from the night before and filled it with whiskey. I threw the shot back, then stood and walked to the kitchen.

After setting the glass in the sink, I headed to the bathroom to take a shower. The heated water helped ease the aching in my head, and made me feel refreshed. But that all went away once I got out and looked at myself in the mirror.

I always saw Kaleb. Now, I understood why it was so hard for Kaiya to look in the mirror; the reasons may have been different, but the source was the same. Kaleb had a way of rooting himself deep inside and never letting go, even after he was gone.

“I’m gone thanks to you, brother dearest,” he taunted as I stared at him.

I shut my eyes and clenched my fists.

He’s not real. Get a fucking grip.

“Do you miss me, brother?”

I don’t have time for this shit.

I gritted my teeth and pushed away from the counter, leaving my brother behind.

If only I could leave the guilt behind, too.



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